17 // california // i adore traveling, exploring, and you

if i had to use a picture to describe these dogs, this would be it.
easily one of the most majestic pictures I’ve ever taken
this is what home feels like.
last night felt a lot like the pre-chorus of burn by ellie goulding


*puts on leather jacket* i really love that band arctic monkeys *lights cigarette* have you ever heard that song “Do I Wanna Know?” Probably not haha theyre really indie

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not even this heat can stop us from being 1d as heck !!! 💥
im convinced theres nothing more stressful than finding a concert outfit in less than a week
🌃💭 // whether im in need of inspiration, a laugh, or even a few tears, this book seems to always do the trick. (also, fireproof came out today and they announced four and my show’s only 4 days away #?!?!!?!!!!) (at fireproof !!!!)


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